If your company or organization has a library of videotapes (and possibly motion picture film) that you would like to be able to view and use, we can provide the highest quality conversions to digital files.

videotape archives

These files can be made at very high quality, so that the footage can be edited with new or existing material; doing this generally results in very large files. Your footage can also transferred to smaller files, for web posting or for your own reference use.

We have carefully maintained video and audio decks that will provide excellent quality for transferring your important footage. Videotapes have often been stored in poor conditions, so many tapes require some type of restoration. The oxide coating used on almost all videotapes has often become sticky, resulting in uneven playback or even a tape that is simply “stuck”. This is known as sticky-shed syndrome

We evaluate each tape, and we use a dehydration routine to remove enough moisture to make the tape playable again when this is needed.

After checking your tapes, and making them playable again, we pay special attention to the quality of the video and audio signals on them, making needed adjustments, to get you the best possible quality.

Professional videotapes

We can handle all types of motion picture film - 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm and 35mm. We can also transfer composite or separate magnetic or optical audio tracks on films.

While some videotapes have held up well, many others have not, so if you have valuable material on old tapes, it’s definitely a good idea to have this material transferred to digital files. We’ll be pleased to discuss this with you - give us a call at 212 463-7190 or e-mail us at info@cravenfilms.com for more information.