A lot of work goes into the concept, planning, scripting, and shooting of a program. And after all this work, the video editor puts it all together and makes it come alive.

Video editing typically involves a first assembly of footage, which is then edited into a first edit, a revised edit, and as many more revisions / fine cuts as are needed to ensure that the program is creative, interesting and will help our clients meet their communications goals.

Video Editing System
Video editing requires a lot of attention to detail: should a cut be made a few frames earlier? What’s the best transition between two scenes? Where should the music come in on a particular scene? How do we integrate graphics with the live action? What type of narrator will be best? Our highly-experienced editors keep all of these questions - and many more - in mind while editing your programs.

We’re always pleased to discuss the possibilities for editing of your video project. Contact us anytime at info@cravenfilms.com.

Avid Editing System

We’re also highly-experienced in translations for videos, and producing additional language versions of video programs, both subtitled and with dubbed narrations and sound tracks.