6 types of videotapes

Film-Video Transfers
We can transfer your videotapes to video files that you can upload and share on the web, or to DVDs that you can play on your DVD player and computer, or to both!

VHS, VHS-C (camcorder tapes), S-VHS, 8mm, Hi-8mm, Digital 8, Betamax, miniDV, DV, PAL and NTSC – we can do them all. Professional formats of videotape, including Betacam SP, DVCPRO 25/50, Digital Betacam, D-2, D-5, ¾” U-matic and 1” type C can also be transferred.

We can also convert your
still photos or PowerPoint presentations to video!

We check every tape before playing, and if your tapes are damaged, we can often repair them and make them playable again.

When we transfer videotapes to DVDs, we use VCRs that we maintain in excellent condition, and for making DVDs, we use only the Pioneer PRV-LX1, the finest DVD recorder there is.

We place a chapter mark at 5 minute intervals on DVDs we make, so that you can easily navigate forward or backward in your movies.

If you’d like, we can put several tapes onto one DVD (generally just under 2 hours of video footage fits on a video DVD at good quality) and we can also edit your footage, as you direct.

Records and audiotapes can also be transferred to audio files, or to CDs.

After converting to digital files or DVDs, we return your original tapes to you!

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