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Video Editing and Post-Production Services

It's easier than ever to shoot video today, but that's only the first step in making an interesting and effective video for whatever purpose you have in mind: information, sales & marketing, training, publicity, education or for personal use.

more than 6 decades of experience in editing films and videos, we can help you create the most effective and informative videos possible, and can optimize them for use on any platform or web site.

We can edit any type of video, and in addition to basic editing, we provide the following post-production services:

  • Video graphics
  • Animation
  • Narrations
  • Music
  • Translations and subtitling
Video editing requires a lot of attention to detail: should a cut be made a few frames earlier? What’s the best transition between two scenes? Where should the music come in on a particular scene? How do we integrate graphics with the live action? What type of narrator will be best? Our highly-experienced editors keep all of these questions - and many more - in mind while editing your programs.

We work closely with clients throughout all stages of post-production, and we're able to work either in-person or remotely.

We’re always pleased to discuss the possibilities for editing of your video project. Contact us anytime at

Please take a look at some samples of our video editing, by clicking the image below.